Le Complet, a flight lasting 45 minutes. This essential flight allows to see the main tourist attractions of Reunion Island from an helicopter.

The three circus/craters, ” le Trou de Fer “, ” le Voile de La Mariée “, ” La forêt de Bélouve-Bévour, ” Le Piton de la Fournaise “, ” la Rivières des remparts “, the lagoon of Saint-Pierre.

Flight of 45 minutes

Price : Adult 280 – Child 260

The craters/circus

Each crater is protected by a rampart carved by an erosion into a thin greenery’s wall, opening to a grandiose site, bathed by a breathtaking light

Le Trou de Fer

Le Trou de Fer or Trou d’Enfer is a geological depression of the massif of Piton des neiges, located in the Salazie circus.

The volcano

” le Piton de la Fournaise “, which culminate an altitude of 2 632 meters, is the active volcano of Reunion Island

Discover the intense Island


” Le Trou de Fer ” is a huge abyss caused by a geological depression of Piton des Neiges, in which flow several streams. This site is inaccessible for general public ( only some qualified canyoning praticioners can go ) but a lookout gives a wonderful view of its incredible waterfalls, overflown by our helicopter.


Located on the territory of Salazie’town, ” la fôret de Bélouve ” is easily accessible from la Plaine des Palmistes. This spot take us aback by its density and its vegetations’ variety.


Le Piton de La Fournaise, which culminate an altitude of 2 632 meters, is the active volcano of Reunion Island. It corresponds to the summit and the eastern flank of Piton de la Fournaise’s massif, a shield volcano which constitutes 40% of the island in its south-eastern part.